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Each week I host Made with Love Mondays as a recurring weekly series to promote, share, and celebrate foods make entirely from scratch. Always Fresh, Always From Scratch. No transfats, no food dyes, no high fructose corn syrup. Browse Recipe Index

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This Week's Featured Recipe

A Reluctant Foodie: Adasi - Homemade Persian Lentil & Potato Stew

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Made with Love Mondays is a recurring weekly link-up series that always begins on Mondays at 12:00 AM EST and ends on Saturdays at 11:55 PM EST. ANYONE can participate.

The challenge: make a recipe (any recipe) entirely from scratch - no canned/jarred shortcuts, no preprepared ingredients, no food dyes or premade decorations.

Share Your Recipe
  1. Make any recipe entirely from scratch - see the Guiding Principles for details and restrictions
  2. Blog about your experience (if you don't have a blog, see below for non-bloggers), then share your recipe post with Made with Love Mondays by clicking the Add your link button
  3. Provide a link back to Made with Love Mondays in your recipe post (or add the badge code to your recipe post); you must include a link back to Made with Love Mondays within your recipe post (links to "party pages" are not acceptable).
For Non-bloggers: You can also participate - see the Guiding Principles for details and restrictions. To participate, email the following information (non-bloggers only):
  • First Name (or your preferred online avatar/pseudonym)
  • Recipe Used (a link to the recipe is preferred if available, but you can also type up the recipe manually if a link is unavailable or does not exist)
  • Photo of Food (send only photos you own and please do not send massive photo files)
  • Twitter name (optional)

    Be Featured

    Your recipe and/or blog will be featured and appear in the following areas of Made with Love Mondays:
    In addition, if you use Twitter (and I know your Twitter name), you and/or your recipe will be promoted via Twitter:
    • You will be mentioned each week you participate in the Made with Love Mondays series
    • A link to your previously submitted recipes in the Recipe Index on Tumblr will be tweeted to my followers
    • Your challenge-related tweets that include #MadeWithLuv will be re-tweeted

     Q: What are Blast from the Past random features and how are they selected?
    A: Any previously featured Made with Love Mondays recipe is eligible to be featured as a Blast from the Past in a subsequent week. Each week, I use the Tumblr randomizer feature to randomly select a previously submitted Made with Love Mondays recipe. If the Tumblr randomizer selects a recipe featured in current week's roundup, I continue to press the randomizer until a recipe from a previous week is selected. Try the randomizer yourself

     Q: Do I have to be a blogger or have a blog to participate?
    A: No. Anyone can participate! If you do not have a blog, follow the instructions for non-bloggers in How to Participate 

    Q: I don't know if my recipe or an ingredient qualifies as "from scratch". What should I do?
    A: Email or tweet me with any questions about ingredients or restrictions. You can also review the Guiding Principles and Ingredient Restrictions for immediate help

    Q: Can I submit multiple recipes each week?
    A: Yes. Each recipe must include a link back to Made with Love Mondays (or the badge) and each recipe must be added individually to Made with Love Mondays (links to round-ups or collections will be removed)

    Q: Do I have to share new recipes or can I share recipes from previous weeks, months or years?

    A: You can share any recipe as long as 1) you made the recipe, 2) the recipe adheres to the Guiding Principles and 3) you have added link back to the Made with Love Mondays in your recipe blog post (or you have added the badge to your recipe post)

    Q: Can I submit my recipe to other blog challenges and blog hops?

    A: Yes. You can submit your recipe to as many blog challenges/blog hops as you like - multi-tasking recipes are awesome!

    Q: Do I have to participate every week?

    A: No. Whenever you have a recipe to share, just drop by the Made with Love Mondays series and add your link.

    Q: How do I share my recipe? Do I have to email a link and a picture to you?

    A: If you are a blogger, you do NOT need to email me pictures or links. Just click the Add your link button to share your recipe. You will be asked to provide a link to your recipe post and your email address.

    Q: Do I have to add a label/tag to my blog in order to participate?

    A: No. The only requirement is that your recipe includes a link back to Made with Love Mondays so that visitors to your blog can find this series (or you can add the badge to your recipe instead).

    Guiding Principles  return to top
    The following restrictions are intended to preserve the spirit of Made with Love Mondays: Always fresh. Always from scratch. Please review these Guiding Principles, see the Ingredient Restrictions for examples/exceptions, and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

    Do NOT use:
    • Ingredients from cans, jars or boxes
    • Preprepared shortcuts or mixes
    • Frozen if you can obtain fresh
    • Products containing transfats (partially hydrogenated oils), high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or artificial food dyes - check product labels
    • See Ingredient Restrictions details and exceptions

      If you use other "finished foods" (see Ingredient Restrictions for examples):
      • provide a recipe for the finished food in your blog post OR 
      • provide a link to a recipe for making the finished food

    Ingredient Restrictions  return to top
    Prohibited Ingredient Examples (do not use)
    • Store-Bought Canned or Jarred Examples (do not use)
      • Canned tomatoes
      • Canned beans
      • Canned vegetables
      • Canned fruit
      • Canned tuna/salmon
      • Canned soup
      • Canned whipped cream
      • Jarred pasta sauce
      • Jarred artichoke hearts
      • Jarred syrups/toppings
      • Jarred jellies/jams
      • Jarred marshmallow fluff
      • Bottled barbecue sauce
      • Bottled mayonnaise
      • Bottled dressings
      • Bottled/canned soft drinks such as cola
    • Prepackaged/Premade Shortcut Examples (do not use)
      • Pie crust
      • Pizza dough/crusts
      • Biscuit dough
      • Cookie dough
      • Frosting
      • Mac and cheese (boxed or frozen)
      • Bisquick (or equivalent)
      • Dry cereals (e.g. corn flakes)
      • Crackers (e.g. Ritz, saltines, graham crackers)
      • Cookies (e.g. Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Girl Scout Cookies, etc.)
      • Cake/cookie/muffin mixes
      • Pudding mixes
      • Flavored baking chips (e.g. butterscotch, peanut butter, raspberry, mint, etc.)
    • Premade Finished Food Examples (do not use without providing recipe)
      • Bread
      • Pasta sauce
      • Candies (e.g. M&Ms, rolos, sprinkles, red-hots, etc.)
      • Chips (e.g. potato chips, corn chips, pita chips)
      • Croutons
      • Marshmallows
      • Ice cream
      • Whipped Cream/Cool Whip
      • Artificial Food Dyes (gels, pastes, liquids, etc.)
    Exemptions (ok to use)
    • Organic stock/broth (avoid cans)
    • Wonton wrappers
    • Puff pastry
    • Ketchup
    • Mustard (all types)
    • Chocolate (e.g. powder, plain chocolate bars/chips)
    • Tomato paste
    • Dry pasta
    • Peanut butter (natural or organic)
    • Tahini paste
    • Chili Paste
    • Fish Paste
    • Oils - refined or natural (e.g. olive, peanut, grape seed, canola, etc.)
    • Honey
    • Vinegar (all types)
    • Worcestershire sauce
    • Dried herbs/spices
    • Butter
    • Plain yogurt
    • Sour cream
    • Bread crumbs
    • Gluten-free baking mix
    • Plain gelatin (non-flavored)
    • Real cheese (not processed cheese products)

    Badge Codes  return to top
    In order to be included in the Made with Love Mondays series, your recipe/blog post must include a link back to the Made with Love Mondays series homepage (this page). If you really want to be truly awesome, you can add this badge to your blog - just copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your post.


    If your food is already part of Made with Love Mondays, you can share, highlight and link-to your Made with Love Mondays from-scratch Recipe Gallery using one of the badges below.

    How to Add a My Recipe Gallery Badge

    1. Copy and save HTML code for the My Recipe Gallery badge of your choice below
    2. Go to the Made with Love Mondays Contributor List
    3. Locate your site or blog in the Contributor List
    4. Click the Featured Recipes link below your site's name
    5. Your recipe gallery will open - copy the URL of this gallery from your browser's address bar
    6. Replace YOUR-MWLM-RECIPE-INDEX-URL in the HTML code for your badge with the URL you copied in Step 5
      HTML Before: <div align="center">
      <a href="YOUR-MWLM-RECIPE-INDEX-URL" target="_blank"><img alt="Made With Love Mondays Gallery" height="132" src="" width="165" /></a></div>

      HTML After: <div align="center">
      <a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Made With Love Mondays Gallery" height="132" src="" width="165" /></a></div>
    7. Your badge is now complete and ready for use

      My Recipe Gallery: 165 pixel width

      Made With Love Mondays Gallery

      My Recipe Gallery: 250 pixel width

      Made With Love Mondays Gallery

      Optional Monthly Themes  return to top
      • April's theme: From scratch recipes featuring Fresh Limes
      • May's theme: From scratch recipes featuring Rhubarb
      • Please note: Themes are intended to provide you with inspiration if you're not sure where to start or what to make. Themes are completely optional and you can always share any from-scratch food post that meets the Guiding Principles

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      1. How do you add the banner code to a blogger post? I fooled around with it to see if I could and it came up as a html code and not the picture of the banner, any help on this? I need to be sure I can do everything properly before trying to get involved. Love the idea too by the way! : )

        1. I see you found a way to add the banner code. As an FYI, I find the easiest way to add a banner is to grab the code and then edit the HTML code of the blog post I am writing. For those using Blogger, there is a way to toggle between "compose" mode and "HTML" mode when you are writing a post. I simply paste the banner code somewhere (usually at the bottom or top) in the HTML of the post I am writing.

          Hope this helps :)

      2. Ah...No sooner did I ask, that I went back in and tried something else and it worked : )

      3. Hello! I have added a new recipe for the Made with Love Mondays.
        Please note that I have moved my blog to a new address:
        Thank you!

      4. Love this series idea! Have just added a recipe and linked it up!



      5. Hi am sending my entry to your event made with love on mondays.please check out

      6. Hi, I have a question about restricted foods. If I have canned my own tomato sauce or strained tomatoes, can I use them in a recipe since they are not store bought and if I have a link to how I went about doing the canning?


        1. Hi Morgan - yes, you can definitely used your own homemade canned/jarred ingredients. Just be sure to note they are homemade (i.e. "homemade canned tomato sauce") and please do not encourage your readers to use store-bought canned alternatives. That would defeat the whole point of encouraging folks to cook from scratch :)

      7. thank you for hosting - mine is a bit OTT this week but all homemade (apart from the cigarellos!) x

      8. A great linky, I linked before checking all the banned ingredients. I have included Evaporated milk which I'm sure is banned but could easily be substituted with sour cream or single cream.

      9. Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas !

      10. Hi Javelin,

        I am Tanya, a newbie food blogger. I have linked my recipe Coriander Channa Pulao... Please check. I believe it suits and satisfies the guidlines of the event... If it misses any guidelines please let me know